(AAU) Zombie House Crest 1

As a member of the house of the sneaking undead, you are crafty, outrageous, funny and conniving. Full of a rebellious nature and a love of mischief, you are not one to look before you leap, but this is not a problem, since you are also resilient and resourceful. Your individualistic nature makes it hard for others to rally you to a cause, but when you do join a fight, you are doggedly persistent, even if you are on the wrong side. Your best magical skills are Visum-Ineptio charms, flight, and levitation.

History Edit

Hermes Mansion (Zombie House) is a curious case. The mansion was built from Pennsylvania limestone, from a quarry some distance away. The magic that went into the building of Hermes House, however, had a retroactive effect which reached back to the original quarry. The result: an exact duplicate of Hermes House was created from the limestone in the quarry. Upon this discovery, several intrepid members of AAU Security were dispatched to move the duplicate house from the quarry to nearby Sharon, PA.