Werewolf house (a.k.a. Ares House) is home to the wizard equivalent to high school jocks. They pride themselves on athleticism and strategic thinking but they are extremely volatile and even unstable when beaten. They specialize in combat magic, duelling and flying.

(AAU) Werewolf House Crest 1

History Edit

Vanderbilt Mansion was built to resemble Ares House, for reasons you may be able to guess if you think about it. The Vanderbilts were, unbeknownst to most, one of this country's most prominent pureblood magical families (although originally hailing from Europe, of course). They were not above using their magical advantage to further their Muggle business ventures, leading, of course, to the institution of the International Department for the Prevention of Unfair Advantage. Several Vanderbilts were members of Ares House.