The God of Lost Things
The God of Lost Things (front cover 1)
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The God of Lost Things


G. Norman Lippert

The God of Lost Things is a collection of short-stories by American author, G. Norman Lippert, well-known for his critically-acclaimed James Potter series.

Unlike the James Potter stories, The God of Lost Things is not self-published, and is available on sale at all booksellers.

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We all experience them. Whether it's a sock in the dryer or a summer love, lost things have a dreadful way of haunting us, of sometimes pushing us right over the edge. Take Zach, a man whose lost his nerve. Fortunately, he's about to meet some very interesting creatures who will either help him find what he's lost, or take away something a lot more important: his blood.

David is a teenage boy intent on finding the truth about his mysterious new friend only to discover, however, that some lost things are best left lost.

Meet the author whose lost his will to write, only to find that the stories want to be told, and they don't plan to let him go without a fight.

And more: lost loves, lost innocence, even a lost colony.

So come along as we follow some of those "lost things".

Let's look together into their hiding places. And let's poke at them a little, find out if maybe we can get some of them to come back. Let's just hope that they don't bring anything else with them...

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