The Freezing Season
The Freezing Season (cover)
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The Freezing Season


G. Norman Lippert



The Freezing Season is an original thriller novel by G. Norman Lippert, released in 2015. Much like the James Potter stories, the book is currently being adapted into a film by Kellen Gibbs.

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Ashley is a young woman broken by choices— some her own, some not. Looking to escape the haunting grip of her past, she embarks on a several-state winter road trip only to pass a sight that changes her life completely: jutting from a dirty snow bank, a small human hand holds its palm up to the sky.

Driven by an uncharacteristic need for redemption, Ashley returns to investigate. There, she encounters a seemingly helpful, if disturbed local man and the county sheriff. It isn’t until the sheriff begins to question Ashley that the terror of her situation dawns: the body in the snow isn’t a snowplow accident, but a murder victim, and by coming back to investigate, Ashley has placed herself directly in the serial killers' path.

As the next twenty-two hours unfold, Ashley is confronted with a terrible choice: take advantage of her one chance for escape, or attempt rescue of the killers’ last remaining victim, possibly sacrificing herself in the process.

Only by embracing the ghosts of her past will Ashley survive her descent into the disturbing madness of the freezing season.

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