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Sixth Year Edit

Tabitha first appears at Hogwarts during James Sirius Potter's sorting, when, just before James is sorted, she leads a standing ovation for him, stunning both him and the other houses.

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When James first sees Tabitha, he describes her as “a tall, very attractive girl with wavy black hair and large, sparkling eyes.” When she is in disguise at the Muggle York Academy, she wears glasses enchanted to age her appearance, making her virtually unrecognizable to her former classmates. In her older form, she is described as “a tall, middle-aged woman with stern features and iron grey hair pulled back into a tight bun.”

Personality Edit

When she first appears, Tabitha seems to be very friendly to her fellow students, even those from other houses. She claims to be progressive, wanting to push aside the old views Slytherins had in the past, stating “prejudices will be left in the past, where they forever belong." However, Tabitha's true nature is shown to be both cunning and manipulative, as shown in the Hogwarts Debate. She also absolutely believes herself to be right and just in her cause, and often views others who oppose her views with pity. This is seen when she argues with James at the debate, when her facade briefly cracks.

When she returns as a teacher in the 4th book, she is much more cruel to James, ironically much the same way that Severus Snape had treated Harry Potter decades earlier, to the point of physically causing James injury by cursing him during a football game. It's unclear, however, how much of her behavior during this time was just an act to fool Grudge and how much was simply petty revenge against James.


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