Sybill Trelwaney's third prophecy foresaw the destruction of the World Between the Worlds and all the dimensions connected to it. She said this prophecy right before James left with his family to get on the ship to the United States.

The Prophecy Edit

"I see a world on fire. Worlds upon worlds, stretching away into forever, all linked back to one place; the crux, the fulcrum, the axle upon which every reality turns. It is wobbling, leaning, falling... it is shattered, and with it go all things and all times. There is only one. One who stands on the nexus of destinies, one whose hand can preserve the balance or knock it into oblivion. The power is not in his hands, but in the hand of whom he shepherds. There is only one outcome. The fates have aligned. Night will fall, and from it there will be no dawn, no dawn, save the dawn of forever fire, the demon light of worlds burning, consuming, the light in which there is no life. Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight."