The Night of the Unveiling was the name given to the drastic event in which Wizarding New Amsterdam had been revealed to all of Muggle New York by Petra Morganstern.

Partially done to save Harry Potter and Titus Hardcastle from an ambush by W.U.L.F., Petra destroyed the DisIllusionist Spell concealing New Amsterdam, exposing the magical world to the Muggle citizens in the area, as well as any watching the live television broadcast at the time. Forever impacting the world at large.

Afterwards Edit

In an attempt to keep the existence of wizard-kind concealed, all citizens in the area were evacuated, with large amounts of obliviation being done.

This would eventually lead to a breakdown of the Vow of Secrecy, making any and all disillusion spells and charms useless against the Muggles.

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