Nastasia Hendricks
Nastasia Hendrix
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Nastasia Hendricks

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Nasti, Ashya

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Ignatius Magnussen

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Zane Walker, James Potter, Scorpius Malfoy


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James Potter and the Morrigan Web

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James Potter and the Crimson Thread

Nastasia Hendricks is a student at Alma Aleron, and a friend of Zane Walker, and later James Potter. She suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, causing her to exhibit a split personality (mentally separated as both Nasti and Ashya).

A descendant of Ignatius Magnussen, she becomes an ally of James and his friends during his fourth year at Hogwarts.

Biography Edit

Spoiler Warning: The following text provides details of the plot and/or ending of the story.
During the events of the Morrigan Web plot, her mental stability is broken after the Ashya part of her "dies off" in an attempt to rid of Judith, the Lady of the Lake, leaving only the Nasti persona left. She later appears during James' seventh year at Hogwarts, revealed to have been committed to the Alma Aleron medical college ever since. When the Loom in the Vault of Destinies is destroyed, she is briefly seen howling with maniacal laughter from her room, due to the temporary loss of magic across the planet (as caused by the destruction of the Loom).

Alternate Destiny Edit

In the alternate destiny, however, the Ashya half of her survived. And she rejoined her twin self, Nasti, after she destroyed and banished Judith. And while one would be hesitant to say that Nastasia lived happily ever after, she carried on as a rather troublesome and complicated student of Alma Aleron.

Years later, it is revealed that she married Scorpius Malfoy, sharing their time between her residence in Muggle New York City, where she was a freelance writer and “professional malcontent,” while her husband, Scorpius, had followed in his father’s footsteps at Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley. She currently has three children: Wentz, Beckett, and Urie Malfoy.

Abilities Edit

She is shown to have animagus capabilities, being able to transform into a snake at will. Before losing her Ashya persona, her split personality caused her to transform into two separate snakes - Nasti having black scales, and Ashya pink (reflecting her hair color).

Appearances Edit

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