Juliet Revalvier

Juliet Revalvier is a Wizard Literature (Wizlit) teacher at Hogwarts that began teaching in James Potter's second year at the school. Beforehand, she famously had published a series of novels about the adventures of Harry Potter, released in the Muggle world as fiction. Causing a huge stir of problems with the Ministry of Magic.

After the "Night of the Unveiling", she came together with the regrouped Order of the Phoenix in the midst of the Morrigan Web plot.

Description Edit

"Compared to most of the Hogwarts teaching staff, Professor Revalvier was relatively young and petite. Her dark blonde hair was cut shoulder-length, framing an open, friendly face. With her reading glasses on, James thought she looked a bit like a brainy pixie."
—Excerpt From: “The Curse of the Gatekeeper (James Potter #2).”

Trivia Edit

  • The character is based on and inspired by the real-life J.K. Rowling, thus giving her initials, "J. R." (Juliet Revalvier). It was likely meant as a tribute to Rowling since Lippert's James Potter stories are based on her work.
  • Several references are made throughout the series to real-life people, events, and things. Revalvier being one of the first.
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