James Potter and the Morrigan Web
Author G. Norman Lippert
Length 740 Pages (Print Version)
Link PDF[1]


Preceded by
James Potter and the Vault of Destinies
Followed by
James Potter and the Crimson Thread
James Potter and the Morrigan Web is the fourth book in the James Potter series by G. Norman Lippert. It begins a few months after the "Night of the Unveiling," and sees James and his friends returning to Hogwarts, much changed after the events of the previous year. Throughout the course of the book, he tries to unravel the mystery of the Morrigan Web and his professor who resembles the deceased Albus Dumbledore.

The full story released in September 2013, and both it and the other James Potter stories can be found in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI digital formats. An audiobook version narrated by Jus Sargeant is also available from Living Audio, UK.

Book Description Edit

As James Potter returns to Hogwarts in the wake of "the Night of the Unveiling," he discovers that even in the protected center of the magical world, nothing is quite the same. As the school year progresses, James' world is gradually overshadowed by a growing threat known as the Morrigan Web, a mythical doomsday weapon which threatens to kills those he loves and tumble the entire world, Muggle and Magical alike, into the hands of a series of rising tyrants. But this time, James is going to need the help of more than a few friends.

Chapters Edit

  • Prologue
  • 1. The Four Cabinets
  • 2. “Brotherhood & Tolerance”
  • 3. A Familiar Face
  • 4. The Collector
  • 5. Suspicions & Secrets
  • 6. The Night League
  • 7. Echoes of Umbridge
  • 8. Thwarting Grudje
  • 9. The Midnight Assembly
  • 10. A Clandestine Christmas
  • 11. Quinn’s Story
  • 12. Mystery at the White Tomb
  • 13. Dead Warlock’s Clue
  • 14. Avior’s Inner Sanctum
  • 15. Origins Unveiled
  • 16. The Woes of Filch
  • 17. Lair of the Gowrow
  • 18. The Morrigan Web
  • 19. Hagrid’s Detention
  • 20. Tyranny of Final Days
  • 21. The Third Marker
  • 22. An Impossible Bargain
  • 23. Collective Constant
  • 24. The Most Vexing Question
  • 25. Through a Glass Darkly

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Reception Edit

James Potter and the Morrigan Web has been well-received, averaging four out of five stars on It is currently the highest-rated book in the series.

"This book was my favourite of all the books Mr. Lippert has written in the JP series." - Namista

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