The Hogwarts All-School Debate was a debate hosted during James Potter's first year at the school, in which all students and staff were invited to attend. It was held in the school’s Amphitheater, with the argument topic of “Re-evaluating the Assumptions of the Past: Truth or Conspiracy?” Entirely based around the truth and lies of the Second Wizarding War, and how Harry Potter played into it.

Professor Franklyn moderated the proceedings.

Participants Edit

People participating in the debate were split into one of two teams: A or B.

Team A Edit

Team B Edit

Process Edit

Team B’s opening argument maintained that current Ministry policies such as the Law of Secrecy, the assumption that Wizard-Muggle contact will result in war, and the existence of “Dark Magic” are all discriminatory, false and the basis for prejudice against the Muggle world. Their goal is equality for Wizards and Muggles alike. Team A’s counter-argument postulates that such reasoning is based on the assumption that history is a fabrication of the truth. In the midst of this, Ted Lupin and Noah Metzker launch a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes fireworks display, representing a humorous presentation of the Dark Mark and a Lightning Bolt. With no clear winner, Team B’s final argument asserts that “Lord Tom Riddle” was a misguided but well-meaning wizard whose desire for Wizard-Muggle equality was too radical for the ruling class to allow; that he was defamed by a campaign of half-truths and lies and ultimately defeated and mercilessly killed by the old powers. In the end, it was an outright personal attack on Harry Potter which so riles the crowd, and Prof. Franklyn and McGonagall are both needed to restore order.

While James had been angry at the time with Ralph for participating on Tabitha’s team, Ralph said nothing during the debate and leaves the stage during the outburst, apologizing to James for being so caught up with the Progressive Element.