Harry's First Christmas and Other Tales
First Christmas


G. Norman Lippert

Dedicated to

Tom Grey & the Grotto Keep Forum

Stories Included

Merlin's Gift, Harry's First Christmas, Petra's Getaway

Harry's First Christmas and Other Tales is a collection of holiday-themed short stories by G. Norman Lippert, released online in 2008. It consist of three stories that were written in dedication of the efforts of reader Tom Grey and the members of the Grotto Keep Forum, and their support of The stories were released separately and are solely available at the Harry's First Christmas website.

Dedication Edit

"These stories are dedicated to Tom Grey and the members of the Grotto Keep Forum for their generous support of"
—G. Norman Lippert

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Overview Edit

The three stories were written to act as supplements to the James Potter series as of the time of the second book. However, "Harry's First Christmas" (as noted by the title) takes place during the holiday before Voldemort's attack on Harry Potter's home at Godric's Hollow. Thus, making it a supplement to Harry Potter as it has almost nothing to do with the James Potter story.

Harry's First Christmas: A Marauder's Christmas Story Edit

Merlin's Gift: A Founders Christmas Story Edit

Petra's Getaway: A James Potter Christmas Story Edit