Flyover Country
Flyover Country
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Flyover Country


G. Norman Lippert

Flyover Country is an original story by G. Norman Lippert, author of the James Potter series.

However, unlike the James Potter stories, Flyover Country is available on sale at public booksellers.

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In an infinite universe, anything that can happen, will.

Cosmically, speaking, though, not much of it happens to Cletus Arvil Starcher. At least until that day out in the east field, when a particularly unusual idea struck him. Now, this old farmer is mastering the delicate art of human flight, as well as a few other unusual capabilities, all to the great chagrin of his spinster sister, Rachel. On top of everyting, Clete finds that his heretofore unexamined life looks rather different from above. Is it enough to help an old widower reclaim some of the locked rooms in his heart? And where do his newfound abilities com from, exactly? Rachel, for one, intends to find out. Hopefully...before the neighbors do.

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