2016 Ministry Break In
Vital statistics
Participants Mr. Pink

Mr. Grey Mr. Saffron The Contractors

Date 30th of August 2016 - 31st of August 2016
Location Level 9, Department of Mysteries, Ministry of Magic
The two wizards and the goblin were given the names Mr. Pink, Mr. Grey and Mr. Saffron by the Contractors and the designated jobs were 'The Mapper', 'The Heavy Hand' and 'The Lock Breaker'. They broke into the ministry on the 30th of August 2016 with the help of an Ministry of Magic Employee.

broke into the Ministry of Magic and entered the Hall of Mysteries via the Department of International Magical cooperation and the Currency office, where they allegedly damaged property.

In the Hall of Mysteries Mr. Pink found the door to the Undersea Air pocket. Fikklis used his Lock Examiner to determine that it was a Homunculus Lock that was set over the door. He then used Powdered Dragon's Blood to form a 'Danse Macabre' which with the help of Fikllis' Cavern light emitter and the spell 'Accumulos' revealed the door handle and allowed passage.

In the Undersea Air pocket Mr. Grey held up the statue of the Dragon's Jaw to reveal the room where the 'chest' was kept. When Mr. Pink and Fikklis lifted the object they realized it wasn't a chest due to it's shape and it's lack of weight. Just as the three left the chest room they were attacked by their contractors. Fikklis started towards the attackers but was hit with the Langlock jinx, a few seconds later Mr. Grey was also hit with the Lacnglock jinx.

Before he was struck with the Jinx Fletcher remembered his old life and the members of the Order of the Phoenix, thinking they would be disappointed with him.

They were discovered in the Morning of the next day and when there situation became apparent all three were immediately sent to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.