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12 Grimmald Place is a house of Harry Potter. It was Sirius Black’s family home and former headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, it is located at Pancras and St. Chad’s Place. Inherited by Harry and still maintained by Kreacher, the Potter’s family and friends gather there for Christmas. Zane is traveling with his family but Ralph will remain at Hogwarts so James invites him to Grimmald Place for Christmas. Most of the family is there except Molly and Arthur, who are visiting Charlie, Claire, Harold and Jules in Prague, and Percy who is traveling for the Ministry. Ted joins the festivities and appears quite smitten with Victoire. George brings Katie Bell. Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom arrive together but appear, to James, to be more like siblings than a couple. Luna tells James and Ralph about her father’s thoughts and beliefs regarding Merlin’s return. Kreacher makes his famous hot chocolate which contains 14 unnamed ingredients and at least a pinch of actual chocolate! James receives a Thunderstreak broom and Ralph is given Snape’s old Advanced Potion book by Harry who thinks it deserves to go to a “good Slytherin”. In this book, Ralph discovers sketches of the people in paintings scattered around the castle who appear to be watching them.

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